Reading with Purpose

Lakema successfully provides a snapshot of what it is to be an adolescent girl in the 21st century trying to find her voice. I appreciated Lakema's word choice, because it makes it relatable to adolescents, but also bridges a connection from writer to reader. Any young girl reading this book will relate to the pressures of day to day at school, first crush, and the first heartbreak. Lakema shows the intricacies of Lani navigating her friendships, and how her actions have both positive and negative consequences. As a therapist, I will definitely use this book to help my teen-age clients, as a way to normalize their life and issues. If they can see it in a book, just maybe they can see that they are not the only one going through life issues. There are some heavy issues in the book, but I truly believe that it can foster life changing conversations. Kids going through tough situations, and deal with deep emotions and having this book can serve as a resource for them.

-B. Andre

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

What a wonderful and insightful read for pre-teen/teen girls and their parents alike!! Raising confident and grounded young women is a struggle and this book gives parents a wealth of insight into what thought patterns are going through our daughters' heads as they struggle to find their way in the world. Ms. Massey gives parents and others who raise or care for young ladies a real glimpse into their lives. Uplifting, real, and full of positive messages! I would definitely recommend to any parent of a it early (before you think you need to) and then read it again. Also, the book provides an excellent segway to broach difficult topics with your daughter, especially if you read it together. Excellent job, Ms. Massey!! There are not enough books like this out there...especially for young ladies of color. Keep the positive energy coming!

-N. Rametta

Certified and Licensed School Psychologist

Mother of 3

This Series is as Real as it Gets


Middle and high school can be the best years of your life, the worst years of your life or quite honestly, they can be a mixture of both! Sometimes these years literally bring out the worst in you, and you often feel like it’s you against the world!

Follow the You Better FLY series as Lailani, Daniella, Taylor, Jessica and Nevaeh journey through a year full of REAL life experiences and issues. These girls will face situations that girls WANT, NEED and are sometimes just AFRAID to discuss with their parents! Teen girls face REAL issues, deal with REAL drama, suffer REAL consequences and learn REAL lessons.


This is a book series for the girls.

This is a book series for the parents.

This is a book series for anyone that works with teen girls.